THIS is actually the title of my column for the last nine years. It is also the title of a manuscript done some 10 years ago.

Many ask when it will be out. I say, all in good time. Although it is every week when I would share a bit of the past through stories. The experience I have is shared through stories of mine every week. Varied experiences from my travels to that of the food that I love and eat. Even the most basic of acts is shared to every Juan, from driving to cooking and even hacks.

Some people may find the things I share to be either amusing, petty or useless and maybe, nonsense. But that is just what it is.

A memory of time’s past, something I can recall it to be. Of recent I would share even on an instant, a story made in 5 minutes from something that just had happened. Although most of these shared stories are somewhat a chance to bring out my version of issues today but brought back for Juan later.

Last Tuesday was the official start for Scouting. Every year the city would celebrate for a whole month during October. Little boys and girls parading their new uniforms with mom in tow along Session Road.

A tradition I still remember when I was still a child. Except for last Tuesday the guest was not present to share his experience from scouting.

Mayor Benji Magalong was to have been the speaker, instead I was asked to speak in his behalf and all before I had to catch a meeting in Greenhills in San Juan. Just 4 hours away on a good day without traffic.

I was making good time until I reached Balintawak when I started crawling just to get to Edsa. The thought of Edsa already made me think that I won’t be able to make it anymore. Against all odds, it was smooth. Waze had me arriving in 4 hours and I did.

The meeting was a gathering of PMA Class of 88 which I am a part of. It was meant to reconnect and share experience from recent issues which have put an institution and its tradition to question. Amongst ourselves none would tolerate abuse and violate human rights.

All agree however sad or terrible a situation is with the academy, most feel the pain and hurt from a recent death of a cadet.

There is NO reason to justify what had happened to the young man. Worse is the death and suicide of another young man just because of mistaken identity. Taking one’s life instead and unlike the PMA story, that in the hands of others.

The meeting I had also focused on the Senate Blue Ribbon hearings that we were now watching. Coincidentally I had arrived late but talk was centered on another institution, this time the police.

Again I find myself caught in the middle of it. What makes it even more interesting is that it involves our mayor. Less than a hundred days in office and the mayor now finds himself in controversy not for himself but for an institution he has served all his life.

It is true that what he is doing is just sharing what he remembers it to be. Just like I would. Some of my stories may be ill timed or coincidental but that’s exactly how it was meant to be.

The title alone, All in Good Time is an opportunity to share what once was. Some Juan will ask at times why only now? Why didn’t I have shared it when I was still in the office. And today that is the question with Mayor Magalong, why only now? Timing is definitely important today.

Circumstance was when you also had to shut up when needed. Either some Juan will listen or some Juan will just laugh it off as nothing. In the mayor’s case, Time was when he had to say nothing. His superiors didn’t want to hear anything of what will be said, and he paid the price.

Today is different, when someone will now ask, why only now? And just like me, I say all in good time.