THE publicized "Noynoy's promise not to allow new taxes" when elected president come the May 2010 election, is a common demand of the general public.

Hopefully, this ideal campaign gimmick of presidentiable Noynoy Aquino will magnify victory in order to prosper and make his ideal promise into reality.

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Noynoy Aquino's promise to disallow the creation of new taxes against the public is a gesture of social justice, as well as manifestation of honest governance, simplicity and concern for the miserable taxpayers. Moreover, Noynoy's promise is an expression of commitment to safeguard the general welfare of the citizenry against exploitation and abusive taxation.

As a crusader against graft and corruption, presidentiable candidate Noynoy Aquino believe that politics is a part of public service designed to improve the life of the common people and not to siphon the money of the public through burdensome taxation.

In contrast, Hon. Rolex Sulpico with other presidentiables criticized Aquino's promise as "inexperienced and most destructive words in the history of presidential politics.”

Adverse critics stated that the disallowance of new taxes will be tantamount to bankruptcy of the government. However, a dynamic government is not only dependent on the exploitive taxation.

Suplico together with the rest of presidentiables should be aware that the VAT/EVAT, a newly approved and imposed by the present administration is an anti-poor taxation.

The business establishments are rejoicing their profits by passing on their VAT to the patronizing consumers, who are the culprits of the irrevocable 12 percent taxation. Where not only the poor taxpayers, but including their innocent children are being taxed on their food intake and basic commodities.

Consequently, a new taxation law on Electric Corporate Business likewise granted the abusive Systems Loss. A systematic recovery of Electric Corporate loses, that are being charged against the accountability of innocent consumers or itemized bills of agonizing utility-end-users. The Systems Loss abuses could not be censured by the concern authorities, because the corresponding VAT would be a profit shared for the government revenue.