IF THEIR posters and newspaper advertisements are not working to increase their popularity among voters, some candidates are counting on their jingles to do the trick.

For most candidates in the May 10 elections, their name-recall will depend a lot on how catchy and effective their campaign jingles will be.

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Rapper-composer MC Rey Montilla is more than happy to accept the task, and now has his hands full writing jingles and mixing music for at least 100 candidates from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao for the May elections.

Candidates’ advocacies, achievements, their slogan and the positions they are seeking make up the lyrics of the jingle.

For MC Rey, the key to having an effective jingle is the use of popular and upbeat music that quickly catches the attention of listeners of all ages.

The rhyming of the lyrics should also be pleasing to the ears, he said, as this adds to the song’s appeal.

In demand these days are black music, including hip-hop, R&B and rap songs, and not so much on soul and reggae, said MC Rey, who was commissioned to compose jingles for administration and opposition candidates in Cebu City.

“Ang importante is familiar and common ang kanta, the type na dali masakyan sa mga tawo aron dali sad nila mahinumdoman kinsa ang kandidato (What’s important is for the song to be familiar, one which is catchy enough so people can easily remember the candidate,” MC Rey told Sun.Star Cebu.

When the campaign period starts on March 26, voters can expect to hear hits like 2NE1’s “Fire”, Pussycat Dolls’ “Jai-Ho”, Black Eyed Peas’ “I Got a Feeling”, Kat Deluna’s “Whine Up” and Sean Kingston’s “Fire Burning”, which are some of the candidates’ most requested songs.

“Para nako, effective ang usa ka jingle as campaign material ug ang mga naminaw makabarog ug makasayaw, unya dali nila ma-associate ang kanta sa usa ka kandidato. Ig tukar sa kanta, kanang mga naginom sa kilid sa dan or nagmahjong makasayaw, makaingon ko na effective siya (For me a campaign jingle is effective if it can make people dance and help voters know the candidate. A good jingle, once played, will make those who are drinking or those playing mahjong dance),” said MC Rey.

City Councilor Jose Daluz III, one of MC Rey’s clients, said he always has a jingle during the campaign since it is an effective way of communicating with the younger voters and informing them of his achievements in the City Council.

His jingle, a cover of Sean Kingston’s “Fire Burning”, asks voters to re-elect him because he is “a reliable, approachable and dedicated public servant.”

Tinago Barangay Councilor Joel Garganera also got MC Rey to write his jingle, a cover of Deep Side’s “Booty Music”, where he made clear his stand against illegal towing of vehicles in the city, as well as his advocacy on law and order.

Garganera is running for city councilor under the opposition group.

“The jingle is the fun side of the campaign, especially if the music is familiar to the younger voters. It’s also an effective campaign material because even if you’re not there, you are with the voters in spirit and in music,” he said.