AN INFLUX of big business process outsourcing (BPO) firms is busy driving economic activities of Iloilo City.

Mayor Jerry Treñas noted there were several investors who visited his office since last week and expressed their interests to locate in the metropolis.

"There are many BPOs that want to open here to provide jobs to our children, nephews and nieces, and grandchildren of working age. The economic driver BPOs can give is great," Treñas said.

"There's one company that will be opening and they are looking for 1,000 nurses. Another one, my retired Atenean priest friend will be visiting Monday afternoon to discuss their opening in the city," he said.

The local chief executive is optimistic the entry of more BPOs will generate additional opportunities for Ilonggos.

"So, you know if the BPOs continue to give employment, our graduates will not find it hard to get jobs," said Treñas. (PR)