Dismissed Ceres workers hopeful of reinstatement

ABOUT 67 retrenched employees of Vallacar Transit Inc. (VTI), the bus company that operates Ceres Bus Liner, are hopeful to return to work as promised by the leaders of a workers union.

Richie Rimada said the retrenched employees conducted a dialogue with Philippine Agriculture, Commercial and Industrial Workers Union (PACIWU)-Ceres last week and they were assured by union president Hernani Braza that he will negotiate for them to return to work as soon as possible.

Rimada said they wrote a letter addressed to the management through the union enumerating their concerns.

Among the issues they raised to the attention of the Ceres management were their retrenchment based on Absence Without Leave (AWOL), optional retirement, and constructive dismissal for those hired through an agency, he said.

“Braza told us that he will ‘try his best for us to return to work’," Rimada said.

Asked if all the more than 200 retrenched employees nationwide will be returned to their jobs, he said, only those who attended the dialogue and willing to return to the company will be prioritized.

"I am positive that we can return to work through their help," Rimada said.

He added that he received information that the management of the country's biggest bus company is also willing to welcome them back.

Earlier, the 67 retrenched employees of the bus firm slammed their union for the seeming silence on their dismissal from their work.

"We strongly condemned our dismissal from work without justifiable reason and process. We were forced to sign blank documents which we consider as an oppressive move against us, the employees. It is also a maltreatment to us as individuals that have rights that the government and the law protects," they said.


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