FROM dancing with Halloween-ready Minions to interacting with manta rays up close, Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) is an ideal destination for a fun trip with family and friends.

With countless offerings at this lifestyle destination in Singapore, how do you decide what to do? While it is diverse enough to merit a long stay, on my trip there last month as a media guest, I learned that it was doable to have a grand adventure in one day.

1 p.m. : Minions Monsters Trick or Treats

Universal Studios Singapore is offering a limited-time-only Halloween daytime show until the end of October. Set up at Hollywood concourse near the park entrance, Minion Monster Trick or Treats is a dance party for all ages. At around noon, three dungaree- and goggles-wearing yellow creatures from the Despicable Me movie franchise emerged in the middle of the audience.

With fab Halloween-inspired outfits, the Minions were introduced as “Kevin Dracula”, “Franken-Bob” and “Stuart Mummy”. Two female characters joined in the action dressed in orange jumpsuits and black witch hats. After the quick dance, the host invited us to trick-or-treat. I made the beeline for the snack giveaway and happily munched on the choco-filled biscuits. As the show ended, I got a photo-op with the Minions, also known as Hollywood’s most famous yellow pill-shaped creatures.

3 p.m.: Adventure Cove’s Ray Bay

To see manta rays swim and glide through the water effortlessly–sometimes looping, swirling and turning– was stunning to see up-close. Our media group got to experience this at Adventure Cove’s Ray Bay. “Hold the feed upright,” said our tour guide during the 15-minute briefing. “Expect a strong suction as the rays eat off your hand. Do not touch their mouths,” he added.

Around us, dozens of the intelligent, beautiful black and white manta rays swam towards us as if flying with wing-like fins in the cold salt water. We stood in the knee-high deep pool with a large net separating us from the rays. I picked up a small fish and dipped my hand in the water. As I held that fish underwater, a ray swam towards me and sucked the feed with its wide, open mouth.

With such strong suction, I thought at first the ray was eating my hand. But it let go so quickly, then swam away just as fast. The creatures seemed to have a grand lunch buffet party from all the fish and shrimps we were feeding them left and right. When I finally touched a ray, it felt smooth and jelly-like. I was also in awe of their gentleness and playfulness.

7 p.m.: Osia Steak and Seafood Grill

After a full day of activities, my appetite was begging for a big dinner. Our reservation that night was at the Osia Steak and Seafood Grill in Festive Walk. This Michelin-starred restaurant was decorated with modern hardwood walls and plush leather seats. The entrance was flanked by a large, three-door refrigerator containing over 200 bottles of wine.

On that balmy Tuesday evening, the open kitchen was bustling. Soon, we were served with a four-course menu, starting with Salmon Ceviche, an electric-pink dream of a dish with salmon studded with fennel Pernod cream, compressed cucumber, salted lemon, and green apple gel. Next was the rich and comforting Tomato Broth, followed by the main dish Shiro Miso Glazed Glacier 51 Toothfish. The sweet meat of the toothfish was complemented by sweet potato purée, daikon and sesame espuma.

Dessert was Osia’s signature Hot Chocolate Soup made from Manjari Valrhona chocolate. It looked like a molten lava cake but was actually made from meringue. The warm, gooey, sinful cake, when eaten with a dollop of black pepper ice cream topped with a sesame crisp, was simply profound. The dessert was every chocolate lover’s dream come true. I could have eaten it bowl after bowl.

9 p.m.: Hotel Michael

If you appreciate hotels with a strong design edge, Hotel Michael is for you. Designed as a tribute to Michael Graves, one of America’s greatest contemporary architects, the hotel is decorated with eclectic interiors and striking artwork. In my room, the TV is encased in a chamber topped with marble-like light fixtures and ringed by paintings of wood geometric solids.

The showstopper was the bathroom designed floor-to-ceiling with flower mosaic tiles. Red, orange and blue, the multi-colored decor stood out among all the hotel bath decors I’ve seen in the past. It wasn’t until late in the evening, after I fluffed up the silky-soft linens on the king-sized bed, that I checked the balcony. There, I had a view overlooking Universal Studios Singapore and reflected on the castle of memories I made that day.