MEMBERS of Gabriela party-list is calling on the military and police to file charges against them if they can prove that they have an alliance with the underground movement.

Kristin Lim, Northern Mindanao representative of Gabriela, specifically cited Major General Jovito Palparan and the Philippine Army’s 4th Infantry Diamond Division based in Camp Evangelista in Cagayan de Oro City.

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Lim was reacting to a statement of Palparan that he is seeking a seat in the Senate to go after some party-list groups, including Gabriela, that are identified with the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA).

In Cagayan de Oro, a message depicting Gabriela as communist and frontliner of the underground movement is boldly painted in an abandoned gasoline station somewhere in Barangay Carmen.

Lim said Palparan was the mastermind of all the harassments they have experienced, which she said Palparan routinely do during election period.

“The harassment was to catch up with the Deadline Task 2010 wherein all members of the underground movement will be eliminated. By doing so, all the ‘links’ to the underground were under surveillance,” Lim said, as she decried the government’s treatment to them as totally unjust, eliminating some of their members while some just “vanished” without reasons.

Lim also questioned the government on why they are always in the hot seat and often suspected as supporters of the underground movement.

“In fact, we are doing a great favor to the government by doing its duties, to do community service to the needy, which the government failed to provide,” she said.

On Tuesday, Gabriela celebrated its 25th anniversary as it campaigns for a peaceful nation.

Lim said the party-list group hopes that the government would stop harassing them. (NJM)