Z GORRES’ worries just got a bit lighter.

The Cebuano boxer who survived a life-threatening head injury last year won’t have to worry about his children’s education as all four will have full scholarship at the University of the Visayas (UV)—his alma mater.

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That is on top of the P100,000 financial assistance UV gave to Gorres when he returned to Cebu last Feb. 16.

“We felt that the financial assistance we gave to him (Gorres) wasn’t enough so we are giving his kids a scholarship program,” Gullas told Sun.Star Cebu yesterday in an interview at the UV main campus.

Gullas believes that the amount that the UV Administration and Alumni association had given to the Gorres family may easily be dissipated because of the huge hospital bills that, amounting to $562,000. That is the reason they will give the former ALA star’s children—Dheybert, 8, Shyla Dhey, 5, Zhey, 3, and Khodey, eight months—scholarships to ensure their future.

“We will start with one of his kids. His eldest,” said Gullas.

ALA Promotions president Michael Aldeguer, who accompanied Gorres and his wife Datches in their visit to UV, is grateful for the unwavering support of Gorres’ alma mater.

“Any help right now will really go a long way for Z’s four kids. We are very thankful. This is for the future of the kids,” said Aldeguer, who treats Gorres like a brother.

Gorres, 27, took up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at UV. He dropped out after his second year to pursue his boxing career.

“Gorres is really from UV and we want to help all the Visayanians as much as possible,” said Gullas.

Gorres suffered a subdural hematoma last Nov. 13 after a unanimous decision victory over Colombian Luis Melendez.

He was rushed to the University Medical Center after the fight and he underwent an emergency brain surgery to alleviate the swelling on the right side of his brain.