OCTOBER as I knew was always Scouting Month. I would remember as a little boy being dressed by mom in a scout uniform which we had just bought in Fil-Indian in Session Road. It was all stitched too by her with the right patches and badges. If not by her it was by my grandmother, her mother, who sewed very well. Surely the pants would have been measured, cut and sewn by Lola Mama.

My dad was then president of University of Baguio (UB) and I was in SPED as a Cub Scout. Dad was also the Baguio Council chairman and like him was his dad Lolo Tatay before him. Lolo Tatay was the first council chairman of Baguio, he was also president of UB at that time. Another uncle of mine Tito Gil was the 3rd Bautista Council Chairman, he too was president of the university at that time.

Today the University of Baguio continues to register 100 percent of its elementary and high school boys and girls to scouting. When I was in high school, I received the highest Boy Scout Award earned. The Eagle Scout. Many US presidents are Eagle Scouts. I, like my dad, became Scout Official for a Day (Sofad).

In 2007, when I was a “real” mayor of the city, I returned to scouting. I became the 4th Bautista as the council chairman. I was followed by a cousin, Engineer Ton Bautista as the 5th family member to sit as council chairmen in Baguio City. Daddy dynasty.

My Mom, sits in the National Board for the Girl Scouts. She holds the International Commissioner title. I guess she was selected for that since she travels a lot. Like her I have also been sitting in the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts since 2010. I hold the position of National Spokesperson for Boy Scouts of the Philippines. I previously was elected as Vice President for Luzon. I head the Committees for Audit and Human Resource.

As dad to my kids, my son served as Sofad RTC Judge and my daughter as City Auditor for a day. My daughters continue on in scouting, attending scouting activities even abroad. The sons of Tito Gil were awarded as 10 Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines. My brother who became UB president also joined me in various Jamborees as a boy scout then.

My sister Jenny is a member of the Girls Scout Board today, she replaced my mother in the city board. Tin Tin my other sister was the Scout City Health Officer in Sofad like me and so with dad. Dad was a Scout Vice Mayor if I may recall. This until I really became a city official for 12 years and not just a day.

Today, as a dad, it is encouraged for moms and dads to also take part in scouting. Not only do you get to join activities but you may also get to be with your children. What a great excuse to joining camping and other outdoor activities with your kids. Learning “life skills” together. I have.

Recently, as dad, I was fortunate to be with my daughters in Jeonju in South Korea for a scout sisterhood tie up with Baguio, particularly UB Science High. I had fun with my girls. Same with Engr. Ton, he tagged along with his daughter too in a scouting activity out of the country. Dads with daughters, what fun, and for scouting.

All teachers in DepEd are scouts. Our teachers are scouts. I am a scout like my parents and grandparents before me and my children. Mom and Dad you can too. For just a few pesos you get to be registered as a scout mom and dad.