IT WAS a creative Halloween overload for both the young and the young at heart. This year, it was my dad’s (Pres. Elect Tolitz) turn to run the Halloween Party for his Club, the Rotary Club of Baguio Summer Capital.

I had a great time helping out during the program and games for the awarding of prizes. My sister Angel and tita Anna helped with the décor-making. The presence of everyone, the cheerful giving and cooperation of one and all made it more memorable.

The RCBSC Trick or Treat Party was held last October 25 at the Newtown Plaza Hotel. The RCBSC is headed by Pres. Chinky Cid, IPP Anton Baltazar and Charter Pres. Gil Bautista.

Now, it was also my mom Brenda’s time to judge at the Little MJ’s Spooky Family Fun Halloween Costume Contest at Porta Vaga October 26. As such, I had the chance to interact with over a hundred cute little children from ages 1-10.

All were clad in their creative outfits and make over. This fun event was spearheaded by Chairein Kris Cordoviz, Rose Celeste and Audrey Vaudine Sanoy.

As always, everybody was looking forward to this year’s Karkarna 4, with the theme, “The Brave, the Fighter and the Foe.” It is indeed a fantastic way of uniting the young ones, the students, to showcase their creativity and innovation at the same time strengthen camaraderie and teamwork among themselves. I was a witness and judge in this spectacular event which was held last October 26 at Session Road. I am most certain that tourists and members of the community as well have come to witness this annual event.

The University of Baguio family is spearheaded by Engr. Javier Herminio Bautista (President). Cheers to Baguio, indeed a creative city for arts and culture!