INTERNATIONAL evangelist Apollo C. Quiboloy said he will announce his presidential bet on his birthday on April 25.

He also maintained his personal impression on presidentiable Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino as having no word of honor for failing to attend the presidential forum he has sponsored in Davao City on March 9.

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Quiboloy is one of the much-sought personalities by presidentiables considering his four million-strong followers in the country and two million more all over the world.

When informed that Aquino flew to Zamboanga on Wednesday, Quiboloy said his reaction remains the same.

On March 8, Aquino informed Quiboloy that he will not be able to attend the presidential forum dubbed as "Sukatan 2010" because he was advised by his doctor not to travel within two days.

To his dismay, Quiboloy quoted a passage that says "commitment is your word of honor, when you fail to fulfill your commitment you have no word and you have no honor."

The presidential forum of Quiboloy was initially slated on February 11 but due to Aquino's unavailability, the international evangelist decided to move it to March 9 with Aquino committing to attend the event.

Quiboloy's reaction on Aquino's absence surprised many as he was not the only one absent in the said forum.

Senator Manny Villar, who was in Davao City, also failed to attend the presidential forum but he readily apologized to Quiboloy for his absence. (BOT)