EVERYTIME we hear the name "Miss Tapia" she reminds us of a teacher with fear, terror, scary and tyrant character. Anyway, who could forget her in the gag show of the "Scalera Brothers" and "Ongasis" portrayal in "Skul Bukol" way back 80’s? Seemingly all teachers end up with this kind of impression especially when impatience arises because of their little rascals. They become terrifying whenever a student has gone beyond their expectations. Teachers have been continually misspelled behind the back and wrongfully match with their true personality. This kind of impression has been provocatively denied by teachers who demonstrate love and passion over hatred and impassionate.

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Being a teacher is to forget one’s self. In the Bible, Jesus, our first teacher, left the many to look for the one missing. Teachers have to go in the dark so others can see. It is a self denial task so others may find themselves. It is a self sacrifice so others may enjoy life. Everyday looks like facing the firing squad for the others might be given the chance to live well.

Teachers, in their coat of arms, swear to be faithful in their professions and to their responsibilities. It is a responsibility that would hinder their personal happiness, that would need to devout their family time for their everyday class, that would give up their desires to make a better living, that would make their lives impossible to live with because they have 60 to 70 children to attend everyday, that nothing left when they retire at their 60’s.

“Miss Tapia” was never a terror teacher if only pupils understood the importance of her presence; if only they listen on the words of goodness that many times spoken but never did they hear; if only she was given the chance to show her motherly care for them while they were away from their parents; if only they let themselves be taught so they can fight the untiring rule of insensibility; if only they realized her patience and determination under challenge of rearing them; if only they knew that she has a big heart for them ready to love and to be loved.

All the teachers who deserve to be called heroes but never were. May you live in the Spirit of God and Love.

Oliver N. Palad

Floridablanca East District