CITY OF SAN FERNANDO— A railway corporation announced Thursday its implementation of additional safety measures for its employees following the discovery of two live 56.6 mm World War II vintage bombs.

The North Luzon Railways Corporation (Northrail) said the measures release is to ensure the well being of its workers in the ongoing construction of the old Bigaa Philippine National Railways (PNR) station in Burol 1st, Balagtas, Bulacan.

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The bombs were unearthed Wednesday by backhoe operator Rey Limbaga.

Limbaga, in a phone interview, said he was conducting clearing operations on the morning of March 10 at the Balagtas railway alignment when he unearthed the first live bomb around 8:00 am. Fifty minutes later, another bomb was dug up.

Northrail safety engineers immediately cordoned the area and reported the incident to Acting Balagtas police chief Jose Sonza.

The bombs are now under the custody of the Special Action Unit of the Bulacan Provincial police for safekeeping. Police said they are yet to identify the type and materials used for the bomb.

Northrail Focal Person Vet Vitug said that the old station has been the site of an old Japanese garrison during World War II.

Northrail is doing all precautionary measures for the safety of the Balagtas Sector. Proper coordination are being undertaken to rigidly ascertain the grounds along the alignment in case the same threat might still lurk in the work area, Vitug said.

Northrail has also coordinated with the bombs disposal unit of Bulacan to clear the station of any possible bomb remains. The move may even stretch to future constructions in Pampanga and the rest of Bulacan, he said.

The Northrail project is a modern railway system and is currently the biggest infrastructure project of the government. It is part of a grand vision to establish an inter-connected nationwide transport system. It is expected to put trains running from Caloocan to Clark Freeport by 2012. (Ian Ocampo Flora)