CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- The Civil Service Commission (CSC) regional office warned the public Thursday against scammers posing as CSC lawyers and legal counsels.

“Many victims would think that the sender is really from the CSC because of the way the sender communicates and elicits a professional perception and that the victim would have no choice but to follow the instructions of the sender,” Regional Director Karin Litz Zerna said.

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Zerna added: “It’s a scam.” The CSC has no such on-going activities, she said.

CSC in its advisory said that fraudulent individuals, presenting themselves as CSC lawyers, have been sending text messages and communicating through e-mails asking for vital information like salary grades, nature of appointment and agency payroll.

The alleged “lawyers” would then ask for a transfer of load or money using the CSC to purportedly “verify” the information, Zerna said.

“If you happen to receive such messages, please do not entertain the sender,” Zerna added.

She said that the CSC “remains steadfast in its mission to lead in observing and promoting ethical behavior, professionalism, and accountability” and would not be part of any scam or fraud.