A HEALTH official has cautioned Thursday residents of Zamboanga City against the potential health risks brought by the onset of the El Niño phenomenon.

Dr. Rodel Agbulos issued the warning as he noted an increase in cases related to dehydration, viral and bacterial infections.

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Agbulos said cases of diarrhea and skin diseases including upper respiratory tract infection increased the past weeks due to the sweltering heat.

The City Health Office (CHO) also released advisories to warn people of the possible health hazards posed by the dry spell.

The potential health risks are: diarrhea, cholera and skin diseases (due to water scarcity or shortage); paralytic shellfish poisoning (due to red tide blooms); heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke (due to high temperatures) and sunburn, sore eyes, flu, chickenpox, measles and hypertension.

The advisory also provides precautions like conserving water and protecting it from contamination, drinking more fluids, avoiding strenuous physical activities, wearing light clothing and listening to health updates.

Aside from the health advisories, Agbulos' office has also strengthened information dissemination in health centers to sustain public health amid the dry spell.