FULL circle it definitely was for me when I moved some 20 years ago to where I am now, Military Cut Off. This was the street I grew up in. I went to school in SPED Center in the seventies. Oh my.

I would remember when I had flag raising duties, I would stop all moving vehicles plying the street to a halt until the national anthem is finished. Today, to cross the street with my family I would do the same, to stop motorists. I also remember lining up the street to wave flags at vehicles passing by. Teachers would say it was the President, sometimes the First Lady or some VIP. But we always enjoyed who ever may have passed. It was in this very street when we would wait outside to get our fill of fresh warm milk from the Dairy Farm. Today it is taho.

I once was chased by a wild dog while walking this street as a child. I jumped so fast and so high onto the fence in SPED. Today I will walk my dog every weekend. There are still a lot of dogs but never a problem.

It is here where I have my haircut today, where I dine for Japanese or Korean fare, some pizza, isaw and meet Manong taho and balut and also manang ihaw. A new commercial center is almost finished by my family friend all in this street. Guava I just pick up till today before and after a circle run.

Full circle, I still walk this very street, to work in the market and walk home from school. I still walk now with my kids and doggy in tow and the wifey. From our home we head out to Loakan until the Technohub where we grab a bite before heading out to the trails that exit right before Military Cut Off circle. Indeed a full circle it will be. No need for cars for this circle.

Even when I was still a city dad I never had problems with this street. It was coding exempted from the very beginning. It was such a privilege then. I just had to walk to Panagbenga Park where the parade would begin. Two minutes is all it took for me to get there. After the parade all I had to do was walk home from Athletic Bowl towards BGH Circle then back to Military Cut Off.

I never had problems with traffic as everything was walking distance from this street. The golf courses are just a thirty minute walk or a five minute ride and circle back.

Today I would still bring my daughter to school like before but near my place in the Cordillera School of Digital Arts in between Military Cut Off and BGH circle. I would pick her up too. No problem.

Full circle it is all today as I realize that it was in this very street and after more than forty years and forever more I am still in full circle.