I ASKED my daughter in the height of the earthquake in Chile if there is also an earthquake in planet Mars. Without sweat, she answered me that there are no earthquakes in Mars for it is only in earth that this phenomenon is present. Seriously, my daughter asked me what will be the next disaster after the earthquake? tsunamis?

Leobel Lyn Española, a sophomore Accountancy student of UNO-R asked me why are these disasters happening now? She was looking for explanations.

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Last week scientist couple from UP Los Baños were at UNO-R and discussed the impact of global warming to students. Environmental impact was given emphasis. They told the audience to be prepared by managing and accepting disaster as part of the change in the environment.

A few weeks back, Dr. Anthony Golez launched his very good book at UNO-R and gave a talk to some students about disaster preparedness and management. It was a very helpful lecture. His book, indeed, would be a great help to households, especially those who cannot afford the comforts of private hospitals.

Days ago also, a popular figure and Department of National Defense boss – Secretary Norberto Gonzales came to UNO-R and gave a talk to LGU’s and students about disaster Management. He gave out helpful tips and asked the audience to support the programs of government in countering climate change. He also enjoined everyone to “sulong” together.

A decade ago, I watched “Titanic” which was a very disastrous moment in the history of our planet. While watching that film I commented that man has always had a penchant for looking back at what he had done with nature.  

A few years ago, I also watched a box office hit, “The Day After Tomorrow.” It explained the disaster that man had planned for his future. Many films were made to either remind or to scare us of what is to come or what had happened in the past.

Lately, the cinema world came out with a film that warns us of the pending killer earthquake that will devastate the whole world, if not eliminate all of human life. I am referring to “2012”. It seems that they want to predict things that are yet to come.

I am very apprehensive of these films. After the “Titanic”, the Cebu pacific tragedy shocked the whole nation. After the “Day After Tomorrow” were the different shipwrecks all over the world. Now after the “2012” earthquakes of great magnitudes hit all corners of the world. Are these coincidences or are these really bound to happen?

While Ondoy and Pepeng were devastating areas in Luzon and just as the election fever reached its peak, rumors of El Niño began pouring in.  

The country was being prepared for the coming El Niño phenomenon. It’s like the minds of the people are being conditioned that a disaster is coming and government has to allocate money for it. Task Forces and disaster Management Teams were created. Were they created for the elections or to buffer the effects of the long dry spell?

I would like to think that if we think positively, all these negative things that are happening would end. Earthquakes, droughts, floods, diseases and disasters could be prevented by simply thinking good thoughts and doing good deeds to others. If we only know how to help and share to others our excesses, I think the world will be a better place to live in.

My congratulations to Janna Mary Lagare of UNO-Recoletos for being chosen as one of The Outstanding Students (Thos) of the JCI. Special thanks also to Janette Espinosa for helping me during the seminar-workshop for student leaders last Friday.

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Pope John Paul II and St. Ezekiel Moreno, pray for us.