CHAIRMAN of Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) and Acting City Administrator lawyer Goldwyn Nifras said the City Government is now engaged in the post-qualification evaluation of the Arao project qualified bidder.

Alfie’s Construction and Construction Supply, Inc., is the qualified bidder for the P100-million development site project of the Arao property relocation site, Nifras said.

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Alfie’s Construction has a total amount of bid of P99,722,225.19 for the development of the Arao property project site.

Nifras said they are now waiting for the reports of the technical working group, “if the contractor passes the post-qualification evaluation, we will recommend it to the city mayor for the notice of award.”

Nifras also clarified the reports that BAC had rushed the bidding process for the development site of the Arao property relocation, “ever since, BAC never engaged in rushing the bidding process in any projects of the City Government.”

Nifras noted that there are periods provided by law on the conduct of procurement, which the City Government just follows according to the period stated by law, citing that from seven days of publication, pre-bid conference, the opening of bids is scheduled 12 days after.

Nifras stressed that all those periods have been complied with, including the requirements for publication, “so, there’s no truth or any basis on the claim that it has been done hurriedly.”

Among the 12 bidders for the development site of Arao property, only Alfie’s Construction and Young Builders Company have obtained the bid documents, but Nifras said during the opening of bids, Young Builders submitted a waiver of withdrawal.

The Arao property is 58 hectares, of which the winning bidder will develop 15 hectares of said property.

Vice Mayor Jude Thaddeus Sayson said after the notice of award and notice to proceed to the winning bidder for the development site of the Arao property, they could immediately start developing the relocation site of the City Government.

Sayson said the releasing of P10-million loan from the Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB) will depend on the progress bidding, “as soon as the bidder could comply all the requirements required by BAC, they could start the constructions of the site.” (Merlinda A. Pedrosa)