Wise Use of Water

Wise Use of Water

Water, and the lack of it, has been a nagging issue for Cebuanos for several months now. Coupled with a seemingly insensitive (or incompetent) water supply agency, people have been squeezing their brains on how to further manage their use of whatever water supply made available to them. It is true that with climate change and overpopulation of our cities (yes, there are way too many of us now), resources such as water could be volatile. However these issues could have been averted if authorities involved in water supply had laid out long-term plans to make sure our faucets would not run dry. As water becomes scarcer, here are some tactics our readers have done to save it.

“I save water by doing laundry and using that water to clean the bathroom. I also turn off the tap when brushing my teeth or shaving and take shorter showers. Currently, fresh water is already limited as it is. Every day, the population increases, making the already limited amount of water much less. In order to preserve water, we must learn to conserve what limited resources we have.” - Alvin Arranguez, 23, cabin crew

“We need to reduce our water consumption to the most basic use. We should also make sure to fix pipe leaks, switch off all our faucets properly and use efficient low-flow shower heads.”

- Maria Christina Faith Lopez, 27, graphic designer

“On my fifth year of architecture, my study load only consists of three subjects so I don’t have to go to school every day. As a person who does not sweat a lot, I find this as an opportunity to not only save water but also energy by not taking full baths on days without classes.”

- Michael Ray Famoso, 22, architecture student (USC)

“Water, to me, is very important because I’m an active person and consume four to five liters daily. For me, saving water is not leaving any small amount in our glasses because every water drop counts.”

- Vladimir Roy Villena, 35, entrepreneur/sales manager


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