THE Cebu City Environment and Natural Resources Office (Cenro) will be filing a case against a construction firm for violating the city’s anti-littering ordinance.

Cenro head John Jigo Dacua said the firm reportedly improperly disposed of its waste, mostly construction debris, beside its office.

Dacua has refused to identify the firm pending the filing of a formal charge.

Based on the complaint his office received, the construction firm only put its wastes, which are mostly construction debris, beside its office.

When Cenro enforcers went to the area to check, they found out that it was true and they issued a citation ticket to the firm for violating Cebu City Ordinance 1361, or the anti-littering ordinance.

After receiving the citation ticket, the construction company removed the garbage and vowed to the enforcers not to commit the same violation.

After a few days, however, the firm continued to throw garbage outside its office.

“When our enforcers went to the area, there was garbage again. They are not serious about their commitment,” Dacua said in Cebuano.

Dacua said the firm did not settle its violation and did not pay the P2,000 penalty fee.

He said the firm was supposed to settle its violation seven days after it was issued a citation ticket, but it did not settle it.

Dacua urged business establishments to comply with environmental laws, especially those operating near rivers.

He asked them not to directly throw their wastewater into the waterway.

“Let’s not be abusive. We should follow the law,” he added. / JJL