POLICE have already identified possible perpetrators of the death of three women in a rented apartment in Dizon subdivision.

City Police Director Agripino Javier said they have determined the number of people suspected to have committed the killing early morning of March 8.

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Persons acquainted with the victims and a group of drug addicts in the area are suspected to be behind the brutal killings.

“We want immediate delivery of justice to the family,” Javier said.

The parents of the victims are overseas Filipino workers.

Pending the release of fingerprint examination results, which would help prove police’s theory, Javier said parallel interviews with people who last saw victims is also still in progress.

Javier said police have concluded that the suspects could be close acquaintances of the victims because entry to the apartment is highly restricted for guests.

The main gate has to be opened from the inside before anyone could enter the compound, added Javier. If perpetrator forced his way in, still the suspect has to pass several doors before reaching the victim’s apartment.

However, no signs of forced entry have been found, said the Baguio City Police Office public information office.

The bodies of the 15-year-old, who was raped, 17-year-old and 60-year-old women were found with multiple ice pick stab wounds. But the ice pick was never found in the crime scene, said Javier.