WITH the recent earthquake causing emotional and structural damage to Tulunan in Cotabato and other neighboring provinces, many Dabawenyos and Mindanawons decided to allot a few amounts of cash while others shopped for groceries and other hygiene items to donate to the earthquake victims.

Given this current state that our Mindanawon brothers and sisters are going through, it is only fitting that we watch out for our holiday spending. But to not dampen and lessen the shopping experience for the holidays, there are actually shopping destinations in the city that offer affordable and yet quality items that are perfect for gift-giving.

1. Surplus shops

Surplus shops are distributed all over Davao City.

There are Korean, Japanese, American and Australian surplus shops especially in Bangkal, Cabaguio, Buhangin, Bago Aplaya, and even in Mintal and Calinan.

They usually sell beautifully-designed furniture, ceramic items, bicycles, books and even toys for little kids.

Because they are surplus items, they are sold reasonably less than their original amount.

But the good thing is that they are imported and are manufactured abroad, which means their quality is pretty much reliable.

The secret only lies to good eyes and patience to look for the best. If you're lucky, you may land on items that have just arrived and are even on sale on top of their usual affordable price.

2. Local bazaars

Come the "ber" month, different local and social entrepreneurs also staged exhibits and bazaars to showcase their products.

They usually have it in local malls or in Davao Convention Centers. The best thing about it is that you get to support and promote local entrepreneurs.

On some occasions, they might sell pre-loved items or health and beauty products locally made in Davao City.

Personally, I have also shopped and have been acquainted with different local brands in the city and I can attest to the quality that they have.

Further, when you shop in local bazaars, you not only land on a good product for yourself or for family, you also win a friend because most of the times the owners are the ones manning their booth.

You can talk to them about the origin of their brand and sometimes if you're lucky, you would get inspired by the advocacy behind their stories.

It's always a good part of shopping in local bazaars - the experience is also worth it.

3. BLTX (Better Living Through Xeroxography)

BLTX is an annual event spearheaded by local artists not only in Davao City, but also all over the Philippines.

If a friend or family member you have in mind to give a gift this Christmas has an artistic side or prefers reading, this would be a perfect venue to get them a gift.

At BLTX, there are self-published zines, comic books, stickers and illustrated story books sold by local artists, writers, and graphic artists.

It's not only a venue for you to find a perfect gift for an artist loved one, it will also make you familiar and get a glimpse of the art scene here in the city.

The BLTX Davao 2019 is slated on December 13 at Zero82 Local.