AFTER serving Region 3 for seventeen years, Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) Regional Director Lormelyn Claudio is moving to Region 7, Central Visayas. Her office will be in Mandaue City, Cebu. I attended the turn-over ceremony last November 6 at the EMB-R3 office in the City of San Fernando together with the officers of the Environmental Practitioners Association (EPA).

In her farewell message, Director Claudio thanked the support of her hardworking staff and the EPA for being the EMB’s partner in several projects like Pollution Control Officers’ and Managing Heads Training, Recyclables Collection Events, Coastal and River Clean-ups and Adopt-a-Estero.

Teary eyed, she mentioned that it was during her stint in Region 3 that she lost eight of her loves ones. I witnessed this sad chapter in her life. She lost her parents, husband and her only child. All the important people in her life. In spite of the pain, she continued her work with the same unwavering passion and commitment. She is a strong woman.

Taking over RD Claudio’s place is Director Wilson L. Trajeco, a native of Tacurong City in Mindanao. His last assignment in the EMB was Regional Director of Region 11, which he left in September this year. He was assigned to the Manila Bay Project of the DENR for about two months before his appointment in Region 3.

Director Trajeco is a Professional Mechanical Engineer and has a Doctor of Philosophy degree, a rare feat for a public official. In his acceptance speech, he mentioned that he started in government service as a janitor whose only wish back then was to be a regular employee. He rose from the ranks and twenty-nine years later, he is assuming the highest EMB post in Region 3. He is now 47, which means he started working when he was only 18.

In our welcome dinner for RD Wilson, which incidentally was also his birthday, he discussed with us his ideas and possible collaboration with the EPA. We were impressed by his sincerity, humility and willingness to work hand in hand with the private sector. He even encouraged us to contribute ideas and suggestions to improve EMB’s operations.

Presiding in the turn-over ceremony was newly installed EMB Central Office Director Engr. William Cuñado, formerly RD of Region 7. He relinquished his post in an earlier turn-over ceremony to RD Claudio. Director Cuñado is credited for his many innovations at EMB R-7, foremost of which is its efficient record system.

Director Cuñado replaced Director Turbella who was said to be assigned as Assistant Secretary for Western Mindanao. He mentioned that during the turn-over, Director Turbella was absent. “There was no turn over but a take-over,” Director Cuñado jokingly said.

Goodluck on your new assignment Director Lormelyn Claudio and thank you for your service to Region 3. Welcome to Region 3 Director Wilson, “malaus ko pu.”