AS MARKETING manager of Eden Nature Park & Resort, Tina Dotimas has no problems or qualms selling her "product".

The product is good and speaks for itself.

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"All our clients share real experiences through word of mouth. The positive experience is the multiplier effect," she said in a recent interview.

Ms. Dotimas said the resort started from scratch, so to speak. Working with the JVA group of companies since 1987, she said there were no "marketing people" when the resort opened.

"I worked with the resort even before it opened in its conceptualization stage," she said. The 80-hectare resort opened its doors to the public in 1997 and since then has been a must-see destination for both foreign and domestic tourists.

A certified public accountant by profession, Ms. Dotimas has managed to marry both marketing and finance principles in a harmonious manner to head one of the top resorts in Davao Region.

"I know my costs. Most managers have to deal with accounting people, numbers in managing a resort. In my case I don't have this problem. When it comes to pricing or costing a certain product, I know my figures," she said.

This means that the resort constantly innovates its activities, packages and amenities sans consultations with numbers.

"Normally both go hand in hand, marketing consults accounting, accounting consults marketing. Sa case ko mas madali, pag sinabi ko eto ang pricing, forte ko na kasi yung numbers," she said.

All-year round, the resort celebrates important festivities and has lined up fun and exciting activities for each day like Halloween, Mother's Day, New Year's Day celebration and Valentine's Day to name a few.

The resort also has a huge preparation for Holy Week, one of the country's important commemoration of Christ's death.

Stations of the Cross of the cross are held around the resort and a Mass at the Chapel near Eden Fields is also celebrated. Eden Nature Park offers solemnity that befit the occasion.

The resort also added another 200 meters to its Zipline, making the ride more exciting for those who love the outdoors. Tinubdan, a showcase of Mindanao's history is now included in day tour.

Ms. Dotimas said that every year they add more amenities so their clients never get bored.

"They look forward to the new amenities. There is always something new and exciting here. Nowhere can you find the freshest vegetables and dips but in Eden," she said.

Last year, despite the global economic slump, the resort had a good occupancy rate. There were several important holidays when they were fully-booked.

However, Ms. Dotimas says that they want to push their seminars and workshop packages and not just seasonal events.

"Here they can blend work and leisure. We are now WiFi ready so that guests can monitor their work all the while enjoying their stay," she said.

For 2010, guests at Eden can expect more adventures rappelling, wall climbing and other eco-adventures.

Ms. Dotimas said they also plan to put up an insectariums and highlight what everyone sees in forests and a gourmet restaurant right at Eden Fields.

"JVA is a visionary. He thought of providing Davao a destination. Kasi kulang tayo sa destination that will showcase nature and the best of the city," she said, referring to business tycoon Jesus V. Ayala, who owns the resort as well as JVA Group of Companies.

"Being here is heaven enough," she says of her job.

Clearly, no one could ask for more.