IT WAS a lazy Saturday morning, a perfect way to end a hectic week that consisted of a series of out of town coverage, breaking news, and a slew of controversies.

If breakfast is too early for you, then start brunch or a bit of early lunch will be the perfect way to start your weekend. And in Davao City, nothing would beat the latest offer in town, the Marco Polo Journey.

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Composed of hopping through four restaurants of the hotel, the journey is a gastronomic feast and the discovery of treasure troves that make lunch an unforgettable experience.

Starting off with a trip to the Chinese culinary kingdom of the Lotus Court, we were treated to an array of dimsum and dumplings that proved more than enough for an emperor.

Ranging from fried shark’s fin dumplings, steamed shrimp dumplings, and raddish cakes, will definitely boost your appetite for the next stop: the continental buffet and show kitchen at Cafe Marco, the longest buffet in this part of the country.

Not to worry about the power outages in the city, Marco Polo is fully equipped with generator sets that turn power outages like a burp in a formal gathering – something you notice but laugh about.

Fresh fruit juices are also a good companion and starter to quench the heat of summer, while coffee and tea are perfect companions to cap lunch together with an array of desserts that will make each sweet tooth feel nirvana.

A perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon, the Marco Polo Journey will give your palate, the dream journey it deserves, having the best of the restaurants of the best hotel in the south.