LOCAL government units and non-government offices in the city have come as one to showcase Baguio’s culture, creativity, innovation, brotherhood and the community spirit. This is a shout out to the world that Baguio and the Cordillera are at par and in commune with the nations of the world!

Welcome to Baguio City and the Cordillera! See the beautiful sights amidst the pine trees and centuries old and historical places, feel the cool breeze, listen to nature, the gongs and untold stories by our elders, feel the spirit of camaraderie, satisfy your gastronomical cravings and curiosity and bring home a bag of Baguio with you that is certainly packed with most cherished memories. Spend your holidays with us and immerse in our rich cultural heritage!

We are glad to have you! See you all here in Baguio and in the Cordillera! #ibagiwfestival #madeinbaguio #baguiocreativecity #UNESCOcreativecity