WITH the latest discoveries and the things that are yet to be discovered, the world has indeed infinite possibilities. Orgonise Maharlika PH’s founder and curator, Fiona Jade Lim, who is also a co-founder of the community group, Youth for Livable Cebu, found a connection with orgonites that led her to a more meaningful and empowered life that allows her to consociate with people who has the same goal as her.

Orgonite is a mixture of organic materials like crystals, precious metals like cooper coil and resin, where all individual properties unite and synchronize their energies to balance and harmonize bio-energy, known as orgone (another term for the ubiquitous, cosmic energy found throughout nature and in all living things), prana or chi.

In the 1930s, Australian doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst, Dr. Wilhelm Reich, developed a technology to tap into the Cosmic Orgone Sea to provide a continuous stream of Life-force energy. One of the methods he used was placing different layers of organic and inorganic materials in boxes and found out that orgone energy (the alleged type “life-force” energy) helps battle the electromagnetic field in the air because the organic materials attract and hold this “life positive energy,” while the non-organic ones simultaneously attract and repel the energy.

“It’s like a charger for us, human beings” said Fiona who enthusiastically explained how this metaphysics tool for healing in a more understandable way. Why does she call it a charger for human beings? “The orgonites will mitigate and convert the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) around like for example WiFi or 5G into positive ions and when this happens the positive energy will flow back into the area and life form begins to return to good state” she added.

As a community crusader, Fiona realized that societal transformation has to start with personal transformation. “I went through the process of unlearning and relearning my new role in our society, to be the wake-up caller, ask better questions and allow people to answer for themselves—on what is truly worth pursuing in life.” Due to her Pranic healing background, she was intrigued by the power of subtle energies influencing our bodies, thoughts and emotions that go beyond humans’ multi-dimensional realities. She wanted to use a tool to set a positive mood for her family, spa clients and staff with no fuss on clearing it. In her research, she discovered about orgonites and how these work and she felt the connection.

Since she got her own orgonites, Fiona felt a surge of energy pushing her to share them at once to the right people, place and events. She even made a blog (https://www.orgonisemaharlika.com/) about her journey with orgonites and how they helped her heal, transform and feel empowered in courageously pursue her purpose on healthy lives and well-being, learning freedom, awareness, environment and productivity, “the orgonites definitely made me work, rest, cry and laugh, yet their wisdom allowed insights, visions and energy to flow through me as they continue to expand my awareness and understanding to life beyond my comfort zone” as what she wrote in her blog.

Aside from the positive effects orgonites bring to Fiona’s life, they allowed her to connect with people. One of her clients, a call center agent, told her how orgonite brings a positive energy to his workplace. “I love how orgonites bring me closer to my goals: to orgonize (an action verb/term for clearing oneself from stagnant and negative energy) the country and make every Filipino free from any limiting beliefs. With these as a tool, I got to meet and help people and hearing their stories about how orgonites help them is so overwhelming and empowering.”

How to choose your orgonite?

Use your intuition to guide you. Fiona always asked her clients to set a goal and intention first and choose what sparks joy. “It’s like choosing crystals. Every crystal has its own unique frequency so choose the one that resonates with your intention and the one that makes you happy” she explained.

How to activate orgonites?

Be with the your orgonites for 21 days. For faster results, program the crystals inside your Orgonites to do what you want them to do based upon the metaphysical properties of the gemstones for example amethyst for healing emotional issues and physical ailments, white quartz hold the energy of bright light to enhance happiness. If you’re not sure what you need, you can hold your Orgonites one at a time in your left hand (receiving side) and ask it to do a diagnosis and carry out the healing needed.

Where to place it?

You can actually place it anywhere you want it to be, depending on your intentions. If you want to have a good night sleep and restful nights, place it beside your bed; to protect you from EMF radiation and improve immunity, place it near electronic devices; for gentle, fruitful interactions, place it in the center of the living room.

For Fiona, there are many healing tools available but orgonites work wonders for her. Though this tool is hard to explain because it’s too scientific, too out-of-this-world for most, but the personal experience and positive effects it brings to an individual who acquires one keeps her going. “As long as it works for you, it helps you. What could possibly go wrong in believing?” asked Fiona with a big smile on her face.