IT’S even more lopsided than the Pacquiao-Clottey fight scheduled tomorrow.

The race for the Pampanga’s third Congressional District heavily favors re-electionist Aurelio “Dong” Gonzales. No offense meant to Liberal Party candidate Pol Quiwa.

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It’s not that the latter is a pushover or a weak candidate. In fact, he is giving it a fight.

But the former is just coming in too strong with belts of performance, track record, popularity and even resources tucked in his belt.

Again, if it were a boxing match, Cong Dong is a heavyweight in his prime years that only the brave would dare face him. I don’t mean no mere consolation there for Mr. Quiwa.

I still vividly remember Mike Tyson in his heydays as a boxing champ. People would comment that a real challenger has yet to be born then when he ruled the heavyweight division. He was fast, tenacious, strong like a bull – all the traits of somebody who could not be beaten inside the ring.

Cong Dong has the qualities of Tyson, except of course for the good looks and that moustache that had made him mucho simpatico. But kidding aside, Cong Dong has got the moves, the speed, the heft – all the qualities to remain as a champ.

He has done a lot for the third district, with that marshall plan for Bacolor that would make the government pour billions of pesos in the once lahar ravaged town topping the list.

He has programmed well his district funds for much needed projects like scholarship programs, infrastructure, medical and health benefits, among many social projects.

I need not cite figures here but try going around City of San Fernando, Bacolor, Sta. Ana, Arayat – these places and the wonderful people there could attest to the gargantuan feats of Cong Dong.

And the good Congressman is just beginning to sweat in this “fight”.

He is doing so much not only for the third district but also for the whole of Pampanga and he is just on his first term. Did I hear somebody say he is a neophyte?

If some people would dare choose not to vote for him, boy, that will be like trying to cut a tree that is bearing so much fruit for everyone.

A bit of a word of advice though for the champ – stay in shape, both in and out of the ring. Don’t be complacent too.

You see, one of the problems with boxing champs is over confidence. They stopped honing up on skills and short jabs have begun to hit them from all sides before they know it. Soon, they fall and kiss the canvass too.

But Cong Dong trains even without a good fight on schedule. This is no wonder why we will be seeing him score knockout victories through the next several years.

Just like Tyson too, then, his challenger hasn’t been born yet.