HI, “beh!”

Beh spelled as B-E-H. She is the “Best I Ever Have.”

It feels like it was just yesterday when Daddy Biboy and I went to a clinic, and saw and heard your little heartbeats for the first time.

Our pregnancy journey was never easy like other mothers had. I almost lost you because of stress and uncontrolled hormones. Thanks to God and Mama Mary, we survived!

The first two months of motherhood were challenging- perennial pain, engorged and leaking boobs, sleepless nights, and countless diaper change, etc. But, beh, those were the times when I fell deeply in love with you. I love how motherhood changed my life. I love how you changed my life.

When my maternity leave was over, it was again very challenging because separation anxiety was so real. I cried a lot when I left the house on my first day of going back to work. That was the time I thought how could working moms take the pain of leaving their baby for work? I was anxious that I could have more time at work than taking care of you. I was worried that you would depend on baby bottles and you would self-wean from breastfeeding. A lot of things came into my mind including the on-and-off relationship of several babysitters.

When you started to explore your milestones, I told myself, “I should not miss any single improvement you would have.” No wonder why I always have my phone’s memory full. You are an amazing individual!

I enjoy every single moment I have with you - from waking up next to you and smelling over your mouth because it’s the sweetest scent I have known in my entire life.

I consider your bath time as our second official bonding, next to breastfeeding.

I must admit that your cries and screams are not music to my ears.

I hate to clean up your toys especially the tiny ones, so please be patient with me when I ask you to keep them after playing.

Beh, today also marks the second anniversary of our breastfeeding milestone. Thank you because it has given me a different sense of fulfilment as a woman and as a mother.

Today, as you turn two, may you stay sweet and happy because, Beh, you have made our lives sweeter and happier than ever.

My wish is that you will grow like your Daddy Biboy who has fear to God and respect to all.

Be contented even in smallest and simplest things. It is the secret to happiness. Be strong no matter what life may bring you.

Lastly, may the universe conspire to make all of your heart’s desires come true. I love you so much!