SUNSETS are always something I look forward to. It is at that time of the day when you know the day will end. But what makes me especially excited at day’s end is when the sun goes down.

Sunsets are best for when I will want to take pictures of day’s past. I always have a spot for when I would just sit down and just wait for it. Timing is also important for when you want to take that perfect shot.

The setting sun is nice but when it is down, the colors even better for a capture. Orange and red becomes blue to violet and all in that short span of time. You miss it and that’s it. After the rains is best, I never fret when weather seems to be not on my side, sometimes it makes for more spectacular sunsets with drama.

Best when at the beach, sunsets it is for me. I know my spots too and where to go for it. Every beach has a different spot for me. I will always remember that spot in any beach. I seldom take shots in the beach on a sunny day or morning, it is always as the sun sets down.

Recently I have decided to take a leave from my vantage points around my place and continue on in new spots around the city. A run it had to be from my end for it. A run I say as it has to be fast and swift before all is gone and a missed opportunity.

Problem is when you couldn’t find that perfect spot for it. A faster run it has to be for another spot and until you are able to find it. Once you do, you take every advantage of it. Again another problem arises. I am not ready for anything after that perfect shot.

I will have to run back home without any provision for the darkness ahead of me. A new problem arises because I will not be ready for anything, even if I run the route every time and without any street lighting a bigger problem it is for me.

For the most I really run during the setting sun. But it is only now that I set out just to run in Sunset all because of taking that perfect shot. Today I get that luxury of having a camera with me when I run.

The iPhone it is for me in my pocket. Not only do I get to play Pokémon Go, it also measures my steps and distance. And in some occasion a stop for something that has caught my eye.

Before the end of day and after work I will head out to find something that I can shoot before the sun sets.