MAN'S existence has an obvious evolution -- as new generations pop out and earth grows older. So many changes occur and people have no choice but to live with it.

But humans, it seems, have gone too far and people are now witnessing changes too devastating.

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We all were glued on news updates when an earthquake hit Haiti on January 12. People from all over the world witnessed how the 7.0 magnitude earthquake destroyed Port Au Prince. The damage affected millions, with millions too left homeless if not dead.

Haiti is considered as one of the poorest countries in the world. The disaster had just made like even harder there.

Chile was not spared as an 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit it in February, which broke bridges, tumbled vehicles and buried people alive.

Another earthquake in Turkey on March 8 claimed lives and destroyed homes.

What could be bringing all these?

Climate change is one of the problems we are facing and experts say it is one of the reasons why we are having strange calamities these days. But what is the root cause of this climate change?

People living in this world have countless numbers of inventions and activities. Because of man's extreme intelligence, innumerable technologies have been continually produced. In the drive for more, people tend to forget that sometimes we have to pay up for what we have taken.

Among others, our factories produce harmful air and hazardous chemicals in the environment that tend to cause global warming and are the reason for climate change.

There is a message in all these and it's a message that has our lives at stake.

We should by this time come to realize the importance of saving Mother Earth to save our lives. Saving Mother Earth is saving our lives and the lives of the next generation yet to come.


Sunday Essays are articles written by 3rd Year Masscom students of the Ateneo de Davao University for their advanced journalism class.