IT IS perfectly true that incumbent officials have an edge over their rivals come election time. Thus, this week this column gives a hand to a few of our friends worthy of making it to the City Council.  

ATTY. JOSE OLARTE, Jr. Bubut is friend to many on a number of levels. If you know him from way back when, you know that he is a first quarter stormer who battled a dictator’s reign at some cost to himself. If you know him from some way back, then you’re friends with him as a musician who regales us with his songs and his guitar. If you just know him, you know him as a lawyer who helps out his friends and others just because.

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PETER FIANZA. Our city administrator has proven his mettle as a manager in the past three years that he has been our “little mayor,” alter ego to the other Peter in the Mayor’s Office. He is a lawyer, like Bubut, and we can trust that Peter will carry with him to the city council insights into the actual management of the city as well as his legal savvy.  

PHYLIAN WEYGAN. Phylian rides on her father’s exit, enjoying the advantage of incumbent name recall. On her own, though, Phylian has a solid background in the NGO sector and a good view of the city’s total picture. She listens well, and is unafraid to adapt innovative solutions to old problems.  

VOLTAIRE ACOSTA. Voltaire has become a man of the cloth, so to speak, from an exciting and colored background. We appreciate him for his born-again-ness and the moral thread he is unafraid to tote, not easy in politics. Where it’s way cooler to be bad.  

These four are also true-blue Baguio folk whom we can count on to protect the city we call home from the bad, the “badder,” and worse. Their offices, I imagine, will likewise have doors that we would be comfortable storming should we ever have to. 

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