BEFORE I start, I’d like to make a disclaimer: First, I am not a doctor nor a medical practitioner. Your OB’s advice is more reliable than this. Second, these are all based on my personal experience. Third, if you have doubts and questions, consult your OB.

We have observed that some of the vlogs in our Youtube channel that discuss about pregnancy are flooded by questions from anonymous people who use accounts with fake names and no photos. Well, I am happy to have helped them but I just hope these netizens are not minors.

I opened up about this because I recently uploaded another vlog sharing about how I managed to give birth via normal delivery.

My friends (presently pregnant) are my inspiration why I decided to create a content like this. Nobody wants an emergency caesarean section, though.

So here are the top 7 things I did:

1. Observe a balanced diet. Don’t gain too much weight. The baby grows fast inside, too!

2. Prepare physically.

3. Practice natural labor pain management techniques like breathing, self-hypnosis, and relaxation.

4. Choose an OB who supports your childbirth plan.

5. Have a positive mindset.

6. Push hard (like when you poop!)

7. Pray.

The explanation for each of these steps are in my vlog. Just head on to my Youtube channel and look for the “7 Tips for a Normal Delivery.”

Praying for a safe delivery, preggos! <3


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