KIDS appreciate every little things that we do for them. We know it because we’ve been on that stage where we are always delighted and positive with the things that are yet to happen. They also love receiving gifts.

Generous godparents are now busy shopping gifts for their godchildren. To keep things stress-free, it is recommended to make a list of names of these kids and write corresponding items that we intend to give them.

To help you decide what to buy, here’s a list I got from moms themselves who responded to our a poll posted on our Facebook page (Kangaroo’s Pouch by Ara Casas-Tumuran). I asked them the top five things they usually give to their godchildren.

Ma Gicgic Daniel:

“For me yung talagang magagamit nila” like:

1. Coloring Book

2. Papel & Lapis

3. Diaper

4. Toys (matutuwa sila dito)

5. Snacks/Pagkain (sure ako ito ang pinakagusto nila)

Chanlyka Muylon-Meguiso:

“Damit, diapers, shoes and sandals, and toys”

Ivy Lorraine Ibbarola:

“If dako na kay damit tas if mga naa ra sa ages below 5 yrs old kay toys or books.”

Jessica Aivan Verba Diaz:

1. Damit

2. Educational toys

3. Shoes

4. Diaper

5. Milk

Gifts do not necessarily need to be expensive or not, and big or small. It’s the thought that counts.

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