DABAWENYOS are once again treated to nights of fun, great food and discounted drinks with the opening Friday night of one of the highlights of this city's celebration of Araw ng Dabaw's -- the "Kaon 'Ta Day, Lingaw 'Ta Bay" which is on-going until March 16, from 5 p.m. onwards.

The street fiesta, happening on Bolton street between the City Council building and the Rizal Park, showcases an array of food establishments --from small-scale to commercial establishments -- selling various local dishes and beverages.

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Local bands and artists also perform nightly to provide enjoyment and entertainment to locals and tourists for free.

This food and drink fiesta, initiated by the local government in partnership with the private sector, showcased 80 booths selling wide array of local dishes and beverages.

Locals and tourists who came to conquer and party enjoyed music, which ranged from acoustic to rock, as local bands and artists performed.

Surely the fiesta wouldn't be complete without great drinks: Asia Brewery Incorporated, which co-sponsored the event, provides discounted drinks and souvenir items of t-shirts, ball caps, wrist bands, and calendars.

Energetic hosts Skip-o-Jack and Grace Plata, took over the stage during the opening and maneuvered a series of games to the enjoyment of players and delight of winners who got perks and prizes.

Discounted especially for the event, quality products of Beer na Beer, Colt 45, Lonestar, Virgin Cola, Cobra Energy Drink, mineral waters of Summit and Absolute, and the Virgin Cola carbonated drinks were showcased by the beverage company.