IT LOOKS like the Yellows are headed for a win this time around and the Greens and the Orangemen, and even the Reds, my other favorite, can just look with envy.

I wasn’t too happy with what happened the last time we got too enamored with colors, especially with how the winner took it.

They didn’t cheat, but I mean, look at how they won it? I’m sure you saw it, or have heard of it, they played that incident too many times on the news and in the Internet, everybody is sure to have heard of it.

They even made a game out of it.

Jeez, talk about a headline.

They apologized, of course. But it was only after the fact, and the trophy was safely theirs.

That incident has since tainted their victory. Jeez, how low could they go?

This time, I’m getting excited again because I’m going all-out for yellow.

Color me Yellow.

I’ll even wear my loyalty on my sleeves, and nobody can do anything about it.

The biggest threat to the Yellow Army, this year, are the Orangemen. And I admit, I’m quite apprehensive of the two teams’ face-off.

But I have faith in Yellow.

Brazil and the Orangemen of the Netherlands could meet as early as the quarterfinals, if they both win their groups. Or in the semifinals, if either of them finishes runner-


So far, a quarterfinal meeting, is likely.

Brazil is in one tough group with Ivory Coast, Portugal and North Korea, while the Orangemen will face Denmark, Japan and Cameroon in Group E.

Both teams also finished on top of their groups in the qualifying round, with the Orangemen winning all eight matches and allowing only two goals, while hitting 17.

Brazil also topped its group but didn’t have the most wins, No. 2 Chile and No. 3 Paraguay both had 10 to Brazil’s nine.

Against each other, both are evenly matched up.

In nine games, Brazil has only won three times to the Netherland’s two. They split the point four times.

This year, I hope Brazil will bag win No. 4.

So, let’s all support Yellow over the Orangemen, shall we?

CEBU FA. The Cebu Football Association is going to send an elite team of 75 young footballers to San Carlos City for a series of national selections this summer.

It’s a good development, but one parent isn’t all that happy about it.

He sent me a text message, saying that while he felt honored his son was selected, he was disappointed that they had to shoulder everything.

He went on to a lot of things, but it was a bit sweeping, so I’ll just bring it up the next time I get to chat with the CFA guys.

I got to talk to one of the coaches of the elite teams and he said they’re soliciting help for his team’s expenses. They’re trying to solve the problem on their own since he wasn’t too sure of the help from the PFF.

Well, the PFF hasn’t held a national tournament in years and since they’ve proudly announced in their newsletter that they are fiscally sound, they should shoulder everything, right?

Oh yeah, I forgot. I’m talking about an organization whose president promised back in 2006 that he’d resign if he can’t make football the No. 2 sport in six months.

Apparently he still operates on a different calendar.