CITY Mayor Evelio Leonardia is still confident that the GoBingTha tandem is still going strong despite all the issues and allegations that are being thrown against them.

Leonardia said they expect that as days approach near the campaign period, which he said is a natural consequence of the strength of their team.

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GoBingTha stands for congressional candidate Anthony Golez, incumbent City Mayor “Bing” Leonardia, and incumbent Vice Mayor Jude Thaddeus Sayson, who lead the “Grupo Progreso.”

It’s reported that because of some disagreements, some of their supporters will withdraw their supports from the team.

“Everybody has the same purpose, and that is to unite the group, which we believe that one of the requisites to victory in 2010 elections is a united team,” Leonardia stressed.

He cited that Grupo Progreso have the right and quality candidates for May elections, noting that half of their candidates are incumbent and half are new comer in politics.

Leonardia also denies the allegations that they have disagreements with their group, noting that if there would be disagreements, “it comes quite naturally with any team, but I believe that it’s all minor and it’s inevitable that once in awhile there would be disagreement in the team.”

He noted that in politics there are those that all of a sudden will join and will quit from the group, “you win some and you lose some is part of the game.”