I LOST my self-esteem when I quit my job as a TV host and news reporter. I stopped applying makeup and doing skincare. I felt worthless.

People may not understand why I had to leave my dream job to become a full-time mom. They say, children grow fast. Others quipped that the choice I made was lame.

It was hard for me to leave because I know I would miss my job. I would miss talking to people, writing their stories, and telling it to the world. I would miss the pressure of doing more than three scripts daily— English, Tagalog, and Bisaya news. I would miss being on TV. I would miss receiving messages from my friends and relatives who were proud of me and would tag photos of me on FB while I was having my live report on TV. How can I not be emotional of leaving the most glamorous job I had?

After I resigned, it took me months before I would watch the local news. It was haunting me but I told myself to be firm with my decision. I didn’t want to cry over spilled milk. But, I am weak. Crying for something that you love isn’t bad at all.

But, God is good for giving me reasons to bring back self-confidence. I am also blessed to have real people who stayed despite my inadequacies. I learn that self-love is important than anybody else’s approval.

Today, I realized that God has rewarded me more than what I have prayed for— peace of mind and happiness. I am pursuing another dream to educate pregnant and first-time moms through my Youtube vlogs and SunStar Davao lifestyle column, Kangaroo’s Pouch. I also express my passion for people as an events host. I am doing what I love to do while bringing Yanna in tow.

I am sharing my story to inspire other moms and moms-to-be who thought that choosing motherhood over professional career is “lame.” You can still explore the world, mommy! The journey becomes more wonderful because you can now see the real beauty of life with your little one. Your life has become more meaningful now because you’ve been blessed of a lifetime responsibility— being a mom.

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