TO HARNESS the coding capability of the youth, the Cebu IT-BPM Organization Foundation Inc. (Cib.O) has conducted coding trainings to public school students with the help of the business process management (BPM) companies.

Cib.O managing director Wilfredo “Jun” Sa-a said they have partnered with call center companies to engage senior highschool students with coding trainings.

“We already started training their teachers who now started teaching the students,” Sa-a said.

The pilot schools were Cebu City Science High School, Apas National High School, Tisa National High School, Mabolo National High School and Don Carlos Gothong Memorial National High School.

“We targeted only 200 students but right now, we have 500 students in training. We train them on the basics and foundation of coding,” he said.

Sa-a said they partnered with a national organization called the Coders Guild of the Philippines.

“They are using the materials that are being used in the United States for the last 10 years and we are very confident with the material because it successfully produced about two million coders and was funded by big IT companies, the likes of Apple and Microsoft,” he said.

The modules have different levels like entry-level, mid-level and advance-level experimented with easy types.

Some schools were able to finish it earlier than the targeted date, Sa-a said.

“It was a happy problem because I have to look for more advance trainings and it’s a good thing BPM companies are open to absorb those who underwent the training,” Sa-a said.

Sa-a said the results were promising as the students were showing a lot of engagement and enthusiasm.

“From what we heard from the teachers, some students would even skip their breaks just to work on their program,” he said.

Cib.O is now assessing the modules modules so it could have elementary school students use them.

“We are also looking if there are other public schools that are willing. That would also include the right facilities to cater to the students who are into coding,” he said.