Boomerang: Plastic Ban

Boomerang: Plastic Ban

WHEN we see the environmental pollution getting worse around us and our cities get flooded because of clogged drainageways, we often point to one likely culprit-–plastic. For many years now, people have been reliant on plastic because of their convenience in everyday activities such as food storage and manufacturing products to help us at home, school or work. But due to its chemical components, plastic is known to be harmful, especially when used or disposed improperly. Thus, there was a recent proposal by lawmakers to ban single-use plastics. What do our readers think about this?

“I’m in favor of banning them since they are just mostly thrown away after use, littering our streets and polluting the ocean.”

- Cedric Cabahug, 17, ABM student (USC)

“Single-use plastics, especially the ones that are not properly disposed of, are among the main causes of floods and pollution. Plastics decompose very slowly, which could take centuries. These products should be reused and repurposed to help reduce the amount of plastic wastes.”

- Axel Angelo Abe, 23, mechanical engineering student (USC)

“Using plastic a couple of times will reduce waste around us, especially in public areas. We human beings should be the ones taking care of mother earth, the planet that is our and our future generation’s only shelter.”

- Darling Lelibeth Felisario, 28, interior specialist

“Yes, definitely. However, there should also be a law to enforce proper disposal of these materials and make local government units create a workable program to resolve similar environmental issues, such as recycling activities and the full operations of material recovery facilities. This should also be done in private companies as well.”

- John Paul Efe, 29, sustainability architect and designer


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