Making people-centered businesses

Human Resources and Business Development owner Daisy Adle. (Ralph Llemit)
Human Resources and Business Development owner Daisy Adle. (Ralph Llemit)

TRYING to stay relevant in the 21st century is a challenge some companies are trying to overcome.

With the advancement of technologies, business companies should also keep up.

One of the hardest pills to swallow by some companies is the relationship gap between employer and employees, which leads to the poor growth of the company as a whole.

This is brought about by the "selfish" goal of some companies who are solely-centered on income and revenue, which according to Daisy Adle, is what most Davao-based companies failed to realize.

"They forget to give importance to the main drivers of their company, which is the people," Adle said.

She said this was something her company, Human Resources and Business Development Global Consultants, wanted to address.

Human Resources and Business Development, an Amalgated Capital Inc. subsidiary, was formally launched last November 29.

The consultancy firm, the first of its kind in the city, was established to facilitate mastery of learning skills to business leaders, managers, and employees to drive the company they belong to for sustainable growth, progress, and continuous innovation and development to achieve their ultimate objectives.

Adle, the company's consultant is a human resource (HR) practitioner for over 10 years.

Prior to the consultancy firm’s inception, Amalgated is one of the fastest growing company in financing, retail and distribution, and import-export business.

Amalgated Capital Inc. managing director Manuel G. Uykimpang III and Adle had been a long-time business partners.

Uykimpang had also envisioned of helping other companies to expand and progress. He then thought of partnering with Adle in putting up Human Resources and Business Development.

She said the consultancy company wants to change the landscape of the business trade, wherein they want to make people an asset center in the corporate setting by giving continuous learning development for their career path.

Aside from employee management trainings and seminars, Human Resources and Business Development also offers training and seminars on work values and development, team building, personal development, and organizational development.

"As an HR practitioner, a company won't be successful without its people," Adle said.

She added the consultancy firm would also bridge opportunities for companies to improve. Back then, she said most companies send their employees to seminars or short-term trainings, which, aside from not being enough due to the time allowance, all the learning inputs will not be thoroughly digested.

"For how many years now, we have a very centralized training. We send our best employees to Manila to attend seminars and trainings on soft skills and more on skill programs," Adle said. But with Human Resources and Business Development, they have customized learning and development programs suited for companies.

What makes them different from other existing consultancy firm? She boasted the people behind the team, whom she called "very competitive".

She also said, as the new decade unfolds, there is also a need to change the mindset of revenue-driven bosses, as it would not be helpful in achieving success.

Despite the advancement of technologies, she said companies should still equally give importance to people, as humans would still be running a company, not robots.

Setting a higher bar for human resources, Adle said the company aims Davao City to be an HR hub center for learning and development, brought about the influx of business companies in the city.

With the company just about to start its mission, she said Human Resources and Business Development aims to expand its consultancy in other parts of the country, and soon, in the global landscape.


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