THE Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry advocates green environment through its Cebu Business Month (CBM) 2010 that carries the theme “Get Inspired! Go Green!”

The organization urged the greening of the environment to address concerns on the adverse impact of climate change on sustainable economic progress.

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The annual festivity aims to highlight, celebrate, and inspire more successes in the Cebu business community by gathering industry stakeholders in a month of relevant

activities and projects that will focus on Cebu’s winning industries, information and communication technology (ICT), tourism and entrepreneurship.

This year’s overall chairman, Felix Taguiam, envisions a grand CBM and expects sufficient support from various companies.

Trade visit

“Among others, we are counting on some groups eyeing a trade visit during the Cebu Business Month 2010,” Taguiam said.

Cebu was hailed in 2009 as the “No.1 Emerging Outsourcing City of the World” by Tholons Globalization Services, the leading global strategic adviser for business process outsourcing (BPO) firms.

Thus, the chamber capitalizes on this strength through the “Cebu ICT 2010,” which carries the theme “Green Is It! Cebu ICT and BPO Conference and Exhibition.”

The ICT 2010 seeks to consciously develop awareness on environment -friendly technologies and initiatives as the chamber continues to plot for the growth of the ICT

and BPO ecosystem in Cebu.

In the area of tourism, the “Go Green Tourism Congress,” to be convened especially for the CBM, will hold conferences and a showcase of Cebu’s best.

A convention called “People Enhancing Opportunities, Propelling Leadership Excellence” (P.E.O.P.L.E.) will feature success stories on exponents of ecotourism.

There will be weekend mall shows that will feature exceptional talents of Cebuanos who have created waves in the local and international entertainment scene.

Furthermore, “Shop and Dine,” organized by Cebu retailers, hotels, resorts, restaurants and other establishments, promises to give discounts during the CBM.

In the area of entrepreneurship, “Meet the Business Icons” and the “Green Trails of Success” will honor business icons who advocate a green business culture through eco-friendly processes and innovations.

Medical and dental missions, mass bloodletting and job fairs will complete the CBM celebration.

This month-long event will culminate in the “Grand Chamber Awards Night,” where outstanding individuals will be honored in a night of glitz and glamor.

The “Visayas Area Business Conference” and the “Annual Regional Retailers Conference” are two regional events that are added attractions to this year’s CBM. (PR)