IBM Philippines introduced to the Cebu market last Friday its two “smarter systems,” which would help industries run their businesses smoothly and competently.

IBM Philippines territory manager for Southern Philippines Charis Fiel said IBM’s “smarter systems” are the company’s answer to the needs of the growing community of industries.

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“There will be a growing number of transactions with the expansion of industries, such as in health care, retail, and supply chain and information technology. IBM, for its part, would like to respond to the needs of these industries by providing them with our “smarter systems,” which would help them run their businesses well,” Fiel said in a press briefing at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.

Launched were IBM Power7 and IBM eX5.

IBM Philippines power systems manager of systems and technology group Tristan Ylagan said IBM’s Power7 can manage millions of transactions and has better price performance than other server brands, as it can also help manage power consumption, helping customers to monitor their energy consumption.

The Power7 is a new system designed to manage the most demanding emerging applications, ranging from smart electrical grids to real-time analytics for financial markets. It incorporates industry-unique technologies for the specialized demands of new applications and services that rely on processing an enormous number of concurrent transactions and data.

It enables clients to manage current applications and services at less cost with technology breakthroughs in virtualization, energy savings and efficient use of memory, the company said.

Scale quickly

Ylagan said smarter solutions require smarter systems that can scale quickly and efficiently, optimize performance, flexibly adapt to changing requirements and demands, avoid downtime, save energy and automate management tasks.

“These are some of the features that the new Power7 System brings to any organization,” he said.

Ylagan said IBM plans to tap industry infrastructure, such as telecommunications, energy and utilities, as buyers of the system.

Another system that helps support the growing memory-intensive workloads of industries is the new eX5 enterprise system.

IBM Philippines System x manager for the systems and technology group Marie Christine Llanto said this new system offers maximum memory, storage and performance for demanding business applications.

The new system was a result of a three-year engineering effort to improve the economics of operating enterprise-sized x86-based systems. The eX5 systems create a practical environment that allows clients to cut costs on space, power, labor and maintenance.

IBM will introduce three eX5 systems this year—the IBM System x3850 X5, the BladeCenter HX5 and the System x3690 X5.

Interested industries, Fiel said, have the option not to buy the entire system but instead have their current systems upgraded to these “smarter systems.”

Among the potential markets in Cebu for the systems are the retail, manufacturing, agribusiness, energy and public service companies, Fiel said.

The company also plans to tap the business process outsourcing and education sectors as buyers.