OUR city is now officially 73 years old and City Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte has repeatedly called for our participation in the Araw ng Dabaw activities, pointing out that after this year, Davao will be in new hands as he steps down to hand the helm over to the one whom we have made the mayor.

The Araw ng Dabaw celebration goes on a crescendo today with the much-awaited civic-military parade, that parade that has been regarded by every Dabawenyo who have spent his childhood years and grew up here as a must-see event. Let this civic-military parade then become what it has long intended to be -- a show of unity amid diversity of the Dabawenyos.

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Let it also be a joint celebration of how we have shaped our city and how it has helped shape our lives.

There may be a lot of diversions these days, as the May elections is drawing ever so near and just about everyone who wants a stake in Davao politics are moving heaven and earth to appear as the city's protectors and redeemers. But let us continue with what Davao had always stood for, a city united against all adversaries and a city committed to work for the greater good.

It helps to remember that in the years past, Davao had always sang its own tune even earning a monicker as opposition country, since the abuses of the present are never allowed to be legitimized through elections. Thus, even when the former President Ferdinand E. Marcos was wielding his power, wealth, and dictatorship over most of the Philippines, Davao stood pat on its choices and was not wooed by lies and promises.

It was in Davao where former President Corazon C. Aquino was assured of a refuge before People Power delivered her to Malacañang.

Indeed, the Davao people have never failed to show a quiet unity and fortitude that looks after each other's good. Let our participation in the 73rd celebration of Araw ng Dabaw be a reflection of that. A happy Araw ng Dabaw to all.