FILIPINO online boxing fans thought the fight Sunday was unspectacular but it still made them proud of their home country.

Website visitor Jade said, “Congratulations, Manny! We are very proud of you. For the first time that the fight was shown live in Euro Sport, Switzerland/Europe, I’m sure the whole Filipino community here had a sleepless night watching the fight. The next day, our first greeting was ‘Mabuhay’ when we reported to our morning shift.”

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They live or work abroad but they follow every fight of Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao because each ring victory gives them a chance to show their pride in their Filipino roots.

Pacquiao earned his latest win in the fight Sunday against challenger Joshua Clottey of Ghana in a boxing event that left many fans disappointed for its lack of excitement. Past Pacquiao fights were marked by heart-thumping exchanges when he won over bloodied or knocked out opponents. With Clottey, there were only a few blows exchanged as the Ghana boxer preferred a defensive fight with his guard and both his arms up almost throughout the 12 rounds.

The fight wasn’t as thrilling as the second-round knockout of Ricky Hatton or as sensational as his ring engagements with Oscar dela Hoya or Miguel Cotto.

Comments posted on the Sun.Star website’s special ( on the fight showed Filipinos abroad found the boxing result boring but still something to be proud of.

Lemuel Butac said, “We Filipinos here in Hawaii are solid Pacquiao. See you soon Pacman in our victory party at Waikiki Shell on March 21. Mabuhay ka!” Ditas said, “God heard our prayers. Saludo kami sa iyo Pacman. You obviously trust God; please stay humble with all your glory. You made the Filipinos proud.”

Abe Maderazo said, “The fight of Pacquiao-Clottey was like a father and son game of peek-a-boo. Boring! Clottey really had no game plan for Manny.”

Johnny from Belgium said, “The most important thing is he won.

If I were you (Pacquiao), I would stop now in glory.”

Online fans gave different advice for Pacquiao. Leslie Gilman said, “With all the money that he’s got, it’s about time to relax. Enough beating on his head and his body. What are your millions for if you are in a wheelchair?”

As to his political aspirations, Carmelo Verry said, “Manny will concentrate (now) on his congressional bid in his hometown.

Manny has a good heart. He came from humble beginnings and he wants to help his people, especially the poor, uneducated and oppressed. But politics is not for him, it will be better for him to organize a foundation that will serve that purpose.

Through his foundation, he can establish scholarship programs, small-scale business loans, out-of-school technological training, etc. This foundation will have a lasting effect on poor people who can have higher education and a better life.”

On his next fight, Rick of USA said, “I live in Detroit, Michigan and I’m married to a Filipina. Michigan is the home state of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the fact is, Manny’s greatest test will come from his upcoming fight with Mayweather. My wife and I want to take this opportunity to wish Manny the best of luck in this fight. Go get ‘em, Manny.”