THE National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) ordered the John Hay Management Corporation (JHMC) to pay two of its former employees and reinstate them to their former positions.

In the NLRC decision, the JHMC was ordered to reinstate former examiner Hector Ngales and former paralegal Eugene Galicia. Both filed complaints of illegal dismissal.

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Based on the decision, Galicia will be paid back wages and attorney fees amounting to P187,220 and P211,915 for Ngales.

Galicia began working with the JHMC on April 2009 but was not paid his salary until he left on June 15 allegedly because his contract is still under revision.

Two other employees have earlier filed labor complaints against the JHMC. In both cases, the NLRC ruled the JHMC has to pay their back wages and reinstate them.

Recently, two more employees of the JHMC have again filed complaints for illegal dismissal and unfair labor practice.

The complainants, Bertito Bermundo and Ruel Ducusin were “terminated” on February 1 but were not informed paid of their salaries from January 15 to 30.

The complaints are still pending before the NLRC.