ON AND off screen lovers Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes are set to do a movie under GMA and Regal Films.

Dingdong said the working title of their upcoming project is “You To Me Are Everything,” which will be shown ahead of their primetime teleserye project together.

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The two will be doing the localized version of the hit Korean series "Endless Love" that was very much loved by the Filipinos during its original airing here in the country.

On Saturday night, Dingdong and Marian were asked in a television interview about their upcoming movie and the actor said the story is something that happens in everyone's daily life.

Marian added that though the plot may seem very common, there will be twists and sad episodes in the movie.

They were also asked if they can now say “You to Me Are Everything" to each other.

“Hindi lang everything siyempre, it's more than everything,” Dingdong answered.

Marian, for her part, said she doesn't like putting any label to their relationship because if that's the case there will be a beginning and an end to everything.

“Para sa akin, wala hangganan eh,” she furthered.

The two were asked to react on the separation of most couples in the entertainment industry, which is mostly caused by jealousy.

“Binibigyan naman niya ako ng assurance at palagi siyang nandiyan and hindi ko maramdaman yun at wala naman siyang ibinibigay na dahilan sa akin para maramdaman yun,” she said.

Dingdong meanwhile said he doesn't feel any insecurities or jealousy to fans of Marian.

“Magaling akong magbasa ng tao, alam ko ang tao kapag sincere. Alam ko rin kapag may malisya. So, I can smell a person a mile away,” the actor added.

The two GMA stars also commented on news articles naming them too affectionate towards each other in public places.

“Kapag sinabi mong sobrang PDA (public display of affection) ibig sabihin walang pakialam sa mga nakapaligid. Siyempre concerned parin naman kami sa mga taong nakapaligid sa amin,” she said.

On Dingdong's part echoed, saying “of course, may iba't ibang opinion yan and we can't please everyone. Definitely, we have to please ourselves.” (Glaiza Jarloc/Sunnex)