Fly direct from Davao to these 2020 destinations

SINGAPORE. When in Singapore - dine at Odette.
SINGAPORE. When in Singapore - dine at Odette.

HASSLE-FREE traveling, that’s what we all want.

The lesser stops to the the final destination, the better. The good news is international carriers are more confident of Davao now. Their studies must have proven there is a large market of travelers in this part of the Philippines.

In 2018, three new airlines joined the list of carriers providing international direct links from Davao.

Silk Air, which links Davao and Singapore, is the longest international provider to date. In 2018, Cathay Dragon, the regional carrier of Cathay Pacific, launched its Davao-Hong Kong route. It was long overdue, I believe. But the move revived HK as a favorite destination for many.

The year 2019 brought more good news for Davao travelers with Qatar Airways and Xiamen Airlines opened links to Doha and Quanzhou, and Garuda Indonesia reopened the Davao-Manado route.

The Lion City and Hong Kong may not be new destinations to you, but the (relatively) small cities are ever-changing and hold surprises. Doha, Quanzhou and Manado are still on the cities to be discovered for many of us.

With that said, how about hopping on those planes and explore the cities. It flies you direct to the cities waiting to be explored. How about trying these?

Singapore via Silk Air

More than the attractions, Singapore is a food haven.

You must have tried the various Hawker food centers across the city. How about the fancier ones?

You’d be happy to know that Singapore has the No. 1 Best Restaurant in Asia 2019 and No. 18 on the 100 World’s Best Restaurants 2019 list.

Odette, at the historic National Gallery of Singapore, is led by a 36-year-old Frenchman, Chef Julien Royer.

Using the highest quality products from “specialist artisan producers” across the globe, the chef makes these “ingredients purr in delicate but flavorful dishes.”

Dining in this joint is costly but the experience is fabulous. Prior reservations required.

Hong Kong via Cathay Dragon

The city must have been your first international destination abroad and revisiting it can bring back happy memories.

It’s a foodie and shopaholic’s paradise, and has a spot that nobody gets old -- Disneyland. How about a night here? Both parents and kids will be giddy with excitement when they see the Disney characters march before them.

Or visit to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. You’ll find Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurztbach stature there and soon, Manny Pacquiao’s. That’s a TKO moment for the Pinoys, in a good way.

Doha via Qatar Airways

In lands where sand come aplenty one must experience a desert safari. The drive on the steep sand dunes can be a thrilling (and dizzying) ride.

Tours usually offer sunset rides for a breathtaking experience and as night falls, have dinner in the middle of the desert. Make arrangements to sleep under the stars as well.

Jinjiang, Quanzhou via Xiamen Air

Pinoys will be surprised to know that Jose Rizal’s roots can be traced to this place, thus a replica of the Rizal Monument, the Jose Rizal Square, can be spotted here.

Jinjiang’s history is long and its culture, rich and unique, ergo there are a good number of attractions to visit. Temples, parks and mountains are pretty popular sites.

Manado via Garuda Indonesia

If you love nature, then you’ll love this place.

As an epi-center of eco-tourism, trips to the lakes and volcanoes, and underwater activities top the to-do list in Manado. Here, the beauty of nature is preserved.

More than destinations, these cities are gateways to other international destinations. Do more than a quick stopover, enjoy a few nights in these cities and create special memories you can take home to share.

Go ahead, travel more this 2020. Invest in it. It can make your mind and soul richer.

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