IT’S another year. It’s another decade. Have you set your resolutions and goals yet?

It was during the 2nd day of January when I wrote my goals. It’s more about trying to become a better parent. One is to minimize screen time for me and Yanna. I want to cut off time for social media (especially if it’s not about work) because it gave me so much guilt last year.

Anyway, I have asked my fellow moms through my Facebook page (Kangaroo’s Pouch by Ara Casas-Tumuran) about their goals, too. Here are some of the best comments:

DDars Darren N Darrius - One of goals is to have a stable business for the family that I can make myself busy.”

Jessica Sajol Pineda – “Bigger and better Hakab na Tagum 2020 para ma-promote ang breastfeeding diri sa Tagum ug sa karatig cities.”

Pearl Eyelash Extension – “I-encourage nako akong self na mag tuon unsaon ang marketing through social media to have more clients ug para mailhan ang akong small business na pareha nakong mga mothers na home-based.”

Klaynie Jane Montebon – “I'm making it a goal to remind myself that it's okay to feel bad at times. Everyone has those moments.”

Jotting down New Year’s resolution is not about making another gigantic problem, rather it is about building momentum and pace for the entire year. These are short-term goals that keep us moving forward and filling our hearts with hope making every day the best day of them all.

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