THOUSANDS of Negrenses and other travelers have indeed enjoyed the world-class facilities and services of Magikland, the first theme park located at Sitio Cabug, Barangay Guinhalaran, Silay City, Negros Occidental, said Jessric Naria, Sales, and Marketing head of Magikland Theme Park.

He said that since they opened daily on December 12, 2019, to January 5, 2020, people came in multitude.

People like the park because we have brand new and world-class rides and our kind of service that is customer-friendly and helpful.

"We are showing to the people that we can give them excellent service by having clean facilities and world-class rides that conform to a global standard," he said.

Magikland now accepts bookings for function rooms, birthdays, conventions, gatherings, and other occasions.

"We already started our Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) as a means to regulate all transactions inside the park starting from the entrance to the buying of food to availing of additional rides.

All payments are done through our electronic system," he said.

People are very happy to learn and had the willingness to adapt to the use of technology.

Even senior citizens learn how to use RFID-driven facilities and services. People are very adaptive to changes and make new things for an easier transaction. But the millennials know it already, he said.

Moreover, as to the plan for expansion, Naria said, the plan to expand is there but the execution will depend on how fast is the completion of the park.

Magikland is only 5 hectares of the total 13.5 hectares tourism zone and the total land area of 80 hectares.

As part of the future plans of Magikland, there will be more rides to come especially the indoor rides, some exhibits in the area, indoor games for the children, the 7-D theater, horror house or haunted mansion and to further lighten up the park to make it really look so festive.

There will be more to come and more things to happen here at Magikland, he said.

Meanwhile, the next regular schedule of operation of Magikland is every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting this week.

Everyone is invited to experience Magikland.

“This is ours and we wanted to let everybody experience world-class facilities, world-class service with a Negrense heart. We wanted to impart the Ilonggo hospitality where we can compete globally in terms of good service and attractions,” he added.